Dreams of Arabia Dance Company
& Farhat al Raqs Student Troupe
are shooting 2 dance videos on

Sunday, June 27th 
Caroun Restaurant
18425 N 19th Ave #118 (just south of Union Hills E side of street), Phoenix

You’re invited to help us
create a party atmosphere and do Greek line dances with us!

What you need to know:

Arrive by 10:00 am (earlier is ok)
Dress for an “out on the town” vibe!
Wear shoes you can line dance in!
You will learn 2 easy, fun Greek line dances to participate
You will also be in the “social” scenes at the tables
and general open floor dancing.

*Totally optional!*
If you want to learn/see  the line dances in advance stay after class on 

Tuesday, June 22nd (at 7:30 pm) or 
Wednesday, June 23rd (at 8:45 pm)
These dances are very easy to pick up & fun to do!

If you’d like to join us, please

LET MAHIN KNOW (in class, by text or email)
so we know how many to expect.
*this is a maskless event, participants must be vaccinated*