Love Your Hips BELLY DANCE Special Topics Level 2 & up


This class covers a variety of topics including specialized technique, sub-styles (Vintage, Golden Era, folkloric, etc) and props. Contact Mahin or more information or current topic schedule.

Single class... $22 /  4 Consecutive Weeks... $75

REGISTER HERE Online & In-Studio (limited spots) available.

Intermediate Bellydance Classes

For dancers with a solid foundation in Middle Eastern dance movement and rhythms, the adventure is just beginning!

Intermediate level classes offer more challenging technique and layering, and develop musicality and improvisation skills. Some classes may also include finger cymbals or props such as veils, swords, canes or wings. Some intermediate students also enjoy learning choreography and participating in group performances!

Love Your Hips BELLY DANCE:  Level 3 Expression & Artistry

MONDAYS  6:30 - 7:30 PM  MST

A skills, drills and combo class that will build on your foundation skills. This class explores more complex technique, musicality, regional styles, improvisation, finger cymbals and some props!

Single class... $22 /  4 Consecutive Weeks...$75

One World Dance & Music Studio, 3312 North Third Street

REGISTER HERE Online & In-Studio options available.