As a dance educator, Mahin combines her training and experience in the art of Middle Eastern dance with a formal education in the science of body mechanics and movement. She holds a B.S. with Honors from Arizona State University in Exercise and Wellness and has been an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer. She blends art and science to provide high quality instruction to her students in workshops worldwide and in weekly classes in Phoenix, Arizona at her studio, One World Dance & Music.

​​Mahin's dance career has been a lifetime in the making - she began her dance training at age 3 with the childhood standards of ballet and tap. She moved on to modern and lyrical styles as a teen and finally found her "perfect fit" in belly dance as an adult. Her love affair with belly dance began long before she actually had the opportunity to study this gorgeous dance. She attended many performances growing up and was fond of taking the pink chiffon curtains off her canopy bed as a child, flitting around the living room to her mother's "Eddie the Shiek" LP's.

A lifelong love affair with dance...

An experienced and  professional belly dance instructor and performer,  Mahin is known worldwide as the author of the internationally acclaimed "Bellydance Quickies." A captivating performer, she developed a deep love of Arabic music from working with live bands in Phoenix's Middle Eastern venues.  Her style is rich with musicality and classical technique. She is widely regarded as an exceptional zill (finger cymbal) player with very musical and creative expression.

Mahin’s motto is "In the ears, out the hips" and she believes this is the soul of Arabic dance. The dancer is the channel through which the beauty of the music is made visible. Mahin’s life-long passion for belly dance and the folkloric styles of the Middle East fuel her great joy in sharing it through her exquisite performances and her genuine and engaging teaching style.