Thursday, May 23rd - Philadelphia

Ballroom Philadelphia 1207 Gerritt St., Philadelphia

6:30 - 7:30 PM Full On with 3/4 Shimmies! : A complete breakdown of a variety of 3/4 walking shimmies that will add a whole new level of cool complexity to your drum solos and travelling. Learn how to analyze and progressively approach and teach any 3/4 walking shimmy without frustration for great student success!.... $30

7:45 - 8:45 PM Juicy Beladi From the Inside Out:  Let's explore the earthy, juicy style of beladi movement through drills and combinations. But we won't stop there! We'll go deeper to break down the body mechanics and factors that make beautiful, fluid movement that's rich with texture and feeling....$30

Both Workshops.... $50


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